Concrete Dust

Just as shamans make no categorical divisions between the rituals of city life and those of a nomad life, so too do the two forms of life of Tyvanian reality interact with one another. The car as a form of transportation, the passport as an expression of bureaucratic ethnic structures, and money as a symbol of the potency of the market economy – they are all used as objects of influence through shamanic practices. They do not exist outside of or separated from living environments which are characterized by livestock farming, nomadic communities, yurts or hearths, but are interwoven among them.


  • Director: Viktor Brim
  • Colorist: André „Speedy“ Froelian
  • Production: KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne
  • Founder: BKM Filmförderung
  • Duration: 22 Minutes
In competition
  • 2017 Hofer Filmtage