Dimitri Jermakov (58) was a promising cosmonaut until an accident during training forced him into a wheelchair. Thanks to the love of his life, the cosmonaut Alizja Karenina, he found the righteous path again, and achieved world fame as her trainer when she flew away to become the world's second woman in space - but after a tragic accident, her capsule disappeared. Dimitri runs a free cosmonaut training programme for children. Their collective dream of travelling into space to rescue Alizja is what keeps him alive. For the children, he is undoubtably a resplendent hero until he schemes intersect with dire consequences.


  • Executiv Producer: Johannes Wöpkemeier
  • Director: Jakob Mäsel
  • Editor: Anna-Lena Engelhardt
  • Colorist: André „Speedy“ Froelian
  • Production: Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
  • Duration: 20 Minutes
In competition
  • 2018 Filmfest Dresden